We left on the evening before the the event. It was a long car ride from Milton Keynes to Winchester, and
we arrived not too long before midnight. The hotel was nice, the beds were comfortable and there I was not disturbed that night.

We had an early start, 7:30 am, where we left for the event. At the University of Winchester, we were given breakfast
first thing.

One of the first things we did was to listen to a speech made by a Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman, is a Yemeni journalist, politician, and human rights activist. Although she was not able to make it in person, the video was just as powerful.

Her speaking about the conflict in her country and the struggle she had to face as a woman to get her voice heard was inspiring. The fact that she didn’t wait for someone else to make a difference for her was amazing, and I do believe
that we should all be like that.

The Q&A was extremely key, as it opened my eyes about issues that I didn’t know existed; for example, conflict is
a recurring problem throughout places in the world, however, some are given more spotlight than others.
This is a problem because the aid that the forgotten countries need isn’t given and the situation further

We were placed into “families” which would be our group for the whole of the day. We began with team building exercises to get to know each other’s names and establish relationships with one another.

The workshop I attended was “training for self reliance”. This was about a charity that provides tools and skill- workshops to selected countries in Africa to help improve the lives of the people. This is helpful to them because with the tools and newly learnt skills, they are able to set up their own businesses so they can create new jobs and provide for their families.

We also did an activity which required us to budget a family’s weekly income to fit the needs of the family.

The session where people confessed about their biggest inspirations was really powerful, the fact that they
could overcome their internal struggles and then talk about it was inspiring.

One of the final team building exercises I did with my family consisted of us tangling our arms together and then attempted to detangling ourselves without letting go of each other’s hands. We didn’t succeed, however it was
really fun.

Finally, we had a “jam session” where people were able to share their talents with the rest of us.

What I got out from the PeaceJam is a better insight on issues that are happening around the world, and a
true appreciation for the significance of nonviolent movement, and the impact one can make by spreading

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