My PeaceJam by Denisse

My PeaceJam by Denisse

My experience was amazing, I already knew it was going to be great from the moment we ate some food before heading to Winchester, we talked about our thoughts in how to change a problem in our society and the girls I got to meet made the experience even better, the fact they had so many good ideas was just wonderful, I love to make new friends and peace jam made this possible which is why I am so greatful of coming to this amazing conference. Apart from Rumbi, our African Youth Arise (AYA) Cheif Mentor being awesome  she made me feel welcomed and so did the mentors at Winchester. Oh my days that entrance, I felt like an actual model and the fact we got our own shirts is a good way to remember this beautiful experience.

When arriving to Winchester we went to a hotel called Premier in, it was so fun to stay with the girls, a bond was created as soon as we stayed in our rooms and talked and we’ll also dance…. We just got to know each other, I think it was very nice to meet them, we went to bed late… Then we woke up quite early… I DIDNT WANT TO SHOWER FIRST, but at the end I had to because the girls couldn’t wake up because they went to sleep more late than me,
When we got to meet the youths from Nottingham and faith and Janet I was and felt so awkward,we also took pictures which made me feel more comfortable, peacejam definitely thought me to have some more confidence of myself and really made me think meeting new people is AMAZING, we then went to the Winchester university when we had that entrance wooow…. Just wooow. Then we had breakfast while listening to a great piano tune from Janet, a beautiful one, then my favourite part came which was to break the ice to be honest and I was very nervous because I don’t tend to be so open around boys, and we played the funniest ninja game, I loved it, the boys were just being extra, after we went into the hall and I just learned a lot about peace jam, we then got into our family Groups which I also found a bit hard because I had to start from zero again but I believe meeting them was great as they were great people, we got to play a game before going out the hall which was very nice and fun,

When we got to our rooms meeting the other youths and making rules was our first activity, we got to know each other and discussed issues and important things such as sources for people in refugees, which was an idea from an amazing boy. We then got to eat I was so happy then, my family group thought I was very funny but I was just being myself, which i realised is very important, then we got back to the hall and danced a bit and got to hear some important people talk about serious problems around the world, we then went back with our groups and played some games, we also had a debate which I loved, because I loved doing it in my philosophy class at school,
When we went to the hall again and people were showing their skills I thought to myself I should sing or dance but maybe next year!! Because I’ll definitely do this more often of course, I just love how Daniel and Josh dance!!,

We sadly then had to go but peacejam left in my heart an experience that I will never forget and that I hope I can attend to more, in my heart also there is something i want to do with this new confidence because I believe I can make a change and before I didn’t,

I think I want to make a change on how children spend their time in summer, I’d like fund for money to give to the poor people and create a place were they could go and shower but also provide their necessary needs, but by gaining money I’d need to do summer camps with children to build their singing and musical skills with help from the Nottingham boys as they have a strong passion for this and they could help me teach the children how to sing and play piano or guitar or just sing,

There would be different activities for them to do like art because I love art, at first I wanted to do something for Christian youths as they could present it at church on a Sunday to their parents but that’s for the future, thats the change I want to make because I was young people to feel confident and find Their passion like I am also trying to do for myself because when you feel confident you can make a change and help other to change,

Thank you for this opportunity

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