My Peacejam by Tariro C

My Peacejam by Tariro C

Yesterday I was the first to be picked up and we proceeded on our journey , whilst being collected from each of our houses. We connected really quickly and became close within those 4-5 hours , and I think that just made the whole trip better because it was as if we had known each other for longgggg. Once we arrived at the hotel at around 10:30 we were split into rooms for the night and shared relatively large en-suites. We didn’t really get any sleep due
to excitement🙄 (3-5am). Three of us were sharing the room and we watched tv and listened to music for agessss.

Eventually , we woke up at around 6:30am and met with the group from Nottingham before leaving to go
to Winchester University at about 8:30. We arrived and ate breakfast before splitting into mixed groups
which were going to be our “family groups” for the day. We each had two mentors , who were students at
the university , to lead us in our later activities.

We later on had sessions in the auditorium and in our family rooms which then led to the afternoon
concert which was 🔥🔥🔥🔥. After that we ended out time there and headed back home.

In our family groups , we played ice breaker games and introduced ourselves to each other whilst
discussing Takkol Kamir , who was the special guest as a novel peace prize winner. We also played human
knot where we had to mix up our hands and hold hands with two other people , and try and get out of he
know and into a circle again , a weird game where we lay down on each other’s stomachs and said the word
“ha” whilst adding on another “ha” after each person we spent our last family group time outside
in he benches eating pastry , talking , filling out questionnaire forms and playing a game called
mountains ( where we had three people standing in the middle back to back , and the other three on the
outside facing each person so that he middle people rotated and answered questions that were called out
by the mentor to each other.

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