My experience was amazing, I already knew it was going to be great from the moment we ate some food before heading to Winchester, we talked about our thoughts in how to change a problem in our society and the girls I got to meet made the experience even better, the fact they had so many good ideas was just wonderful, I love to make new friends and peace jam made this possible which is why I am so greatful of coming to this amazing conference. Apart from Rumbi, our African Youth Arise (AYA) Cheif Mentor being awesome  she made me feel welcomed and so did the mentors at Winchester. Oh my days that entrance, I felt like an actual model and the fact we got our own shirts is a good way to remember this beautiful experience.

When arriving to Winchester we went to a hotel called Premier in, it

Before I start, I would like to say a huge thank you to Mai Mash, Rumbi, Faith Rose and Rambi for taking the time to speak to the youth of Methodist Revival last week. I speak freely on behalf of everyone who attended in saying we had a lovely time and appreciate all the effort they made. And lastly, a big thank you to everyone who attended, it was nice seeing some familiar faces, and meeting new people.

Consider this… most people like to say that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and yes, to a certain extent this is true. In the bible God literally commands us to be leaders – to lead by example. But as a young person myself, I sometimes feel burdened because it’s not always easy to live an exemplary life in this world, especially with the struggles and pressures I face on

We left on the evening before the the event. It was a long car ride from Milton Keynes to Winchester, and
we arrived not too long before midnight. The hotel was nice, the beds were comfortable and there I was not disturbed that night.

We had an early start, 7:30 am, where we left for the event. At the University of Winchester, we were given breakfast
first thing.

One of the first things we did was to listen to a speech made by a Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman, is a Yemeni journalist, politician, and human rights activist. Although she was not able to make it in person, the video was just as powerful.

Her speaking about the conflict in her country and the struggle she had to face as a woman to get her voice heard was inspiring. The fact that she didn't wait for someone else to make a difference for her

During our AYA workshop ,in Kettering , on Saturday , we were guided and pushed to reach our full potential with
the topic of “confidence”. We began the day , at 11am , by playing ice-breaker games such as a ball catching game which then impacted us by learning each other’s names and getting familiar with one another. Once we had finished , about 30 minutes later , we began discussing the topic of confidence and our guest speakers soon arrived.

A young woman from the organisation “It’s okay not to be okay” cape and spoke to us about the topic of mental
health and her own story of how she’s dealt with things , which also led to the original topic of confidence and having faith in yourself. Afterwards , we had lunch and then proceeded to discuss about the topic and split into two groups to come up with an idea

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