On Saturdays We …

On Saturdays We …

During our AYA workshop ,in Kettering , on Saturday , we were guided and pushed to reach our full potential with
the topic of “confidence”. We began the day , at 11am , by playing ice-breaker games such as a ball catching game which then impacted us by learning each other’s names and getting familiar with one another. Once we had finished , about 30 minutes later , we began discussing the topic of confidence and our guest speakers soon arrived.

A young woman from the organisation “It’s okay not to be okay” cape and spoke to us about the topic of mental
health and her own story of how she’s dealt with things , which also led to the original topic of confidence and having faith in yourself. Afterwards , we had lunch and then proceeded to discuss about the topic and split into two groups to come up with an idea of an event we would want to host and we then presented in our teams. Once we had finished with the workshop and shared all of our ideas , we proceeded to discuss the future of our meetings and
how us , as the youth , should help by handling the social media and other things such as photography
and video editing after each session.

From this session I learned to be more confident in myself and my answers because it may lead to bigger and better things in the future.💛

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